#365yoga: Day?? You Better Shop Around A Holiday/Yogi Gift List

Hey yogis, readers and friends.  I am on the hunt for gifts for my yogi pals and fellow teachers.  I have been shopping around looking at so many amazing things and in the process have found lots I wanted to share.  I always post a holiday gift list and so while these fabulous things are fresh in my mind I decided to do it a bit early this year.  Consider it a little kick-start to getting your own list made and to giving to those you cherish. It is never too early to spoil those you love.

The Flying Yogini Holiday/Yogi Gift List

Here are some wonderful things for the yogi in your life might love for a holiday present, or even more for a random Monday present.

1.) A Sitar Hero Shirt.  I have this shirt and I love it (thanks to Jodi M for telling me about it!)   Rocking out Ganesha style.

2.) A Yogitoes Skidless Prism mat towel. This awesome towel has the traditional yogitoes rubber grippy side that keeps it still even in the flowiest of classes.  It is made of recycled materials and looks well, like a prism of colors.


3.)  Personalized Silver Stacked Rings.  I am a huge stacked rings fan.  I love these because they have that slightly tarnished silver look:  old and storied but still shiny.  You can put any word you wish on the rings.  My suggestion is three rings with the words:  Breath. Strength. Flight.


4.) Sundara Studio Urban Yogi Mat Bag in Charcol Burst and Gold.  I have been coveting one of Sundara Studio’s bags for a while.  They are hip and funky but totally understated and simple.  The thick strap looks super cozy and they even have a pocket for those extra hair ties I always seem to need.  No one will have this mat bag but everyone will want it.


5.) Ganesh Vinyl Wall Sticker.  Ok seriously, is this the most badass looking living room or what?  I am mad for wall stickers because they completely can transform a room and most of the time are 100% removable.  You can add them, spice things up and then take them down and chose another image.  This sticker is particularly fierce.  I would suggest it in a dark violet or green.  Obstacles be gone!

6.) Style Caravan’s Striped Fingerless Gloves.  These are the coolest gloves ever, period.  They are made of soft material which will keep your hands warm and yet no itchy palms from wool.  Your fingers are free to iPhone away and you look hip as you bust mudras in the winter weather.

7.) Tibetan Singing Bowl.  I have been coveting these for a while and so when Babs, a rockstar reader and fellow yogi pal, suggested I include them in my list it was a no brainer.  Singing bowls make a wonderful addition to Savasana and can be used for meditation as well.  I like using them to clean crystals and malas of energy.  This set is a great one for a bowl beginner.



Whatever you chose for your yogi, your yoga teacher, or your best buddy chose it with love.  Pick a day that is unexpected and give it to them with joy.  Celebrate them as you would have someone celebrate you.

Am I missing something fabulous?  What is on YOUR yogi wish list?





6 Responses to #365yoga: Day?? You Better Shop Around A Holiday/Yogi Gift List

  1. Love the tank and you know I think her training is so good. Worth every penny!!!

  2. I really love the Ganesh wall sticker. I’ve never seen that before; and yes it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing,

  3. OK – that Ganesh wall sticker is fantastic!!! I used to have a small Ganesh that sat on my computer, but he disappeared. Perhaps this would be a good replacement! Thanks for the wonderful list. Namaste!

  4. love love love this list! those rings are beautiful.. and the fingerless gloves.. heck yea!

  5. That sticker is amazing. I love the gloves too- fingerless mittens also rock!

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